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How to Wear Stripes?

How to wear Stripes?

1.Wear Stripes as an Accent

Wear Stripes as an Accent

Wear Stripes as an Accent

A little stripe goes a long way when worn as an accent piece like Liere Martinez is doing with her endless loop scarf. You can also introduce a little stripe into your life with a striped hat or bag.

2.Wear Different Stripes Together (with Caution).


You can try something funky like the variegated stripes on Emma Bell’s dress. Just make sure that there is some consistency with the colors and/or thickness of the stripes. Her patterns work because they are all blue and white, just different ways.

3.Try Vertical Stripes

Try-Vertical-StripesSelena Gomez chose a sweet vertical stripe top that has sequins for accents. And no matter how cute horizontal stripes are, these vertical stripes will always make you look taller and slimmer.

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