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Fashion:Do Wear Flats with a Maxi Dress for a Casual Look?

Give you maxi dress a casual vibe by adding flat shoes – especially cute sandals – with it.


For the neatest look, make sure your dress doesn’t drag the floor (looks sloppy) but merely skims your heel.

Even if you think your feet won’t show under a maxi, remember that when you sit or walk, the shoes will definitely show. Embellished sandals add a fun, summery vibe to the look.

If you need the height of a heel, try a wedge sandal. It is substantial enough to keep the look more casual (where a stiletto is too dressy), but it gives your height a boost.

Some brave fashionistas attempt to carry the maxi year-round with boots for chilly weather. While we’re all for maxing out a wardrobe’s potential, we’re not a fan of clunky boots with a maxi dress; sandals or wedges are a much better footwear option for a long dress.

Not sure where to start with maxi dresses? Try a pretty floral print in a lightweight fabric for a fresh breezy look. Pair with soft hair and sandals and you’re set.

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